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Our company started out from a rented premise in 2002 and over the years, we have expanded and grown to become one of the leading global suppliers of high quality cleanroom gloves. We owe this to the strong support of our business partners such as customers, suppliers, government and statutory bodies, bankers; and most importantly, the hard work, sacrifices and teamwork of our employees — our greatest asset.

Today, we operate from 3 sites known as Plant A, Plant B & Plant C which are within walking distance from one another for better risk management with ongoing plans to increase our production capacity and to diversify into new products with even more stringent specification standards to meet future market needs and expectations.

We now live in a borderless world of continual change, where new technologies constantly replace the old ones; and market shifts drive new approaches. Amid all these changes, what has remained unchanged is our culture of ethical behavior, honesty, integrity in the ways our associates treat one another, and similarly, how we treat our suppliers, customers and all other business partners.

We are firmly committed to the values and policies that set us apart from others — provision of highly rewarding employee welfare and career growth; striving for excellence in our products and customer service; ensuring that our operations are conducive and environmentally friendly; and bringing positive changes to the communities in which we work and live, through active social responsibility programs.

I am confident that the success of our company and our quest for the betterment of society can become a reality as we join hands in this journey together.

Thank you.

Teoh Swee Sun
Managing Director & CEO