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history of CE Technology

One of the largest and a trusted supplier of high-end cleanroom gloves worldwide

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We started our journey in cleanroom gloves industry on 15th July 2002. Over the years, we have made our name in the industry for our glove quality and our ability to meet stringent requirements. Today, we are among the largest cleanroom gloves manufacturers in the world. Founded by Mr. Teoh Swee Sun, CE Technology started small in a rented premise with 35 employees, but quickly picked up our pace from there.

We launched our commercial operations in October 2002. Within 3 months we managed to achieve the ISO 9001:2008 QMS certification. In less than a year we acquired the capability of manufacturing Class 10 cleanroom gloves. Our growth can be attributed to our incredibly talented research & development team and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

Along our growth, we have earned awards that pay tributes to our success. In 2006, we won two SME awards – Golden Bull Award and Enterprise 50 Award. In the latter, we were the youngest SME in the award’s history to have won the honor. In 2022, we have been selected by Forbes Asia as one of the best companies in Asia-Pacific under Forbes Asia Under A Billion.

Today, we have emerged as among the very few leading players in the industry. We now operate from 3 sites known as Plant A, Plant B & Plant C which are within walking distance from one another for better risk management. Our fast growth is based on our emphasis of doing things exactly right. We believe that a commitment to quality, be it product or service, is the right approach of delivering value to the customer. As we continue to grow, it is our priority that we maintain our commitment to our customers.

message from our founder

Our company started out from a rented premise in 2002 and over the years, we have expanded and grown to become one of the leading global suppliers of high quality nitrile cleanroom gloves. We owe this to the strong support of our business partners such as customers, suppliers, government and statutory bodies, bankers; and most importantly, the hard work, sacrifices and teamwork of our employees — our greatest asset.

We now live in a borderless world of continual change, where new technologies constantly replace the old ones; and market shifts drive new approaches. Amid all these changes, what has remained unchanged is our culture of ethical behavior, honesty, integrity in the ways our associates treat one another, and similarly, how we treat our suppliers, customers and all other business partners.

We are firmly committed to the values and policies that set us apart from others — provision of highly rewarding employee welfare and career growth; striving for excellence in our products and customer service; ensuring that our operations are conducive and environmentally friendly; and bringing positive changes to the communities in which we work and live, through active social responsibility programs.

I am confident that the success of our company and our quest for the betterment of society can become a reality as we join hands in this journey together.

SS Teoh
Founder, Managing Director & CEO