manufacturing cleanroom gloves

Learn how CET manufactures high-end cleanroom gloves trusted by global corporations

While we pride ourselves in our research and development, we are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for manufacturing cleanroom gloves.  Manufacturing cleanroom gloves requires technically challenging abilities. CET has over twenty years of technical experience to produce the best cleanroom gloves. Our facilities are capable of producing latex cleanroom gloves and nitrile cleanroom gloves with the highest quality without compromising quality and customers’ needs. In CET, our manufacturing processes adhere to strict standards in order to serve our customers best.
cleanroom gloves manufacturing
Today, CET is able to manufacture full-range of high quality cleanroom gloves. We are capable of producing Class 10, Class 100, Class 1000, sterile and non-sterile cleanroom gloves. Click here to learn more on our products. To continue being a forefront player of cleanroom gloves, CET constantly invests in newer technologies. As part of our core value, CET recognizes the importance of science and innovation to continuously stay ahead in technologies involving manufacturing cleanroom gloves. Manufacturing cleanroom gloves is a resource-heavy industry. As part of CET’s cost reduction strategy, we invest heavily in automation in order to drive down costs and increase efficiency.  CET recognizes the importance in mitigating climate change. We are committed to carbon reduction by making use of cheaper biomass and solar energy. CET has been recognized and awarded by the European Union and Government of Malaysia for its efforts in using renewable energies.