Cleanroom Gloves

Tailor-made to meet customer requirements

CET produces only the highest-quality cleanroom gloves. We work with our customers to meet your required specifications such as branding, physical properties, dimensions and ESD properties and more. Click to read more of our research & development and our manufacturing capabilities.

We produce Cleanroom Nitrile Gloves, Cleanroom Latex Gloves and Cleanroom Chemical-Resistant Gloves ranging from Class 10, Class 100 to Class 1000. Our gloves are available in both Non-Sterile and Sterile. 

Refer below for possible customisation.

Cleanroom Nitrile Gloves
Cleanroom Latex Gloves
Cleanroom Chemical-Resistant Gloves

Note that the features listed below is served as a guidance only. We can fully accommodate to specific features not listed below.

Dimensions and Ergonomics
Physical Strength and Characteristics
ESD Properties

NOTE: We can customise our gloves to specifications not listed above. Tell us more on your requirements today!